10 Tips to Stay Healthy During Monsoon

The first water droplets of monsoon make us relieved and joyous. It brings happiness and some beautiful moments by the watery sky, smell of wet soil, and playing in the rain. But while enjoying this wonderful season we need to take extra care of our health because the human body is very delicate and can easily get affected by allergies and infections. Especially kids are very susceptible during monsoon, this is the season when waterborne bacteria can affect us and reduce our immunity level. Also, high humidity levels lower the body’s ability to digest food. You might be thinking about how to stay healthy in this monsoon? Well, the answer is very simple; there are simple tips to help you remain in pink of health by keeping germs, bacteria, and other monsoon-related health problems away.

(1) Boost your immunity

The first step you need to take is boosting your immunity. Most of the diseases and infections occur in the rainy season due to a lack of immunity. You can try to add some seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet to strengthen your immunity. But we all know during rainy season green vegetables play host to worms and germs, so if you want to try something safe and healthier then, go with daily Vitamin C supplements to boost your immunity.

(2) Drink lots of water

Humidity of monsoon season affects the body's digestive system. In the rainy season, drinking boiled water will make your digestive system good. Drinking 3-4 liters water per day makes your body clean and free from lots of diseases. Only keep one thing in mind - drink clean filtered or boiled water. Avoid too much coffee and replace it with a health drink to keep your body hydrated.

(3) Make time for Exercise

Regular exercise will refresh your mind and boost immunity that can help to fight illness. As we cannot go outside in this quarantine, make a schedule of your workout or yoga at home that can help you to adjust to the sudden change of weather and keep you fit and healthy.

(4) Switching to a healthier diet

In the monsoon season airborne bacteria are very active in the environment and can easily get inside your body with the food you eat and create indigestion problems. It will better to avoid street food, spicy, oily, junk food and choose fresh yogurt, cheese and buttermilk to help you for digestion. Use kitchen secret herbs and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic mint, etc. in your daily food to boost your immunity and reduce the risk of falling sick

(5) Protect yourself against the allergens

Allergies can become severe during the monsoon. You must wear a mask when you go out to stay away from dust, pollution and sick people around you. Washing your hands, feet and legs are advisable as you get back home. This will save you from millions of microorganisms you carried home and help you to stay healthy and fit.

(6) Maintain hygiene

The world is going through a very tough phase, so it is important to make your home clean properly. Use any disinfectant to clean indoor and outdoor space and maintain hygiene to stay away from bacteria and infections. This is the best way to stay home and stay safe.

(7) Eat boiled or steamed vegetables

In monsoon, there is a high risk of getting stomach infections, so it is better to eat boiled or steamed veggies in place of raw ones. Also, adding bitter vegetables to your diet like neem, bitter gourd, etc. can avoid skin infection and allergies.

(8) Do not store stagnant water

One of the worst issues of monsoon is the breeding of mosquitoes. Ensure that there is no open water storage in your home and no rain water held stagnant in your nearby areas, mosquitos are born in stagnant water so removing sources will help you a lot.

(9) Stay away from mosquitoes

Use of mosquito repellents is a must during this time along with some other hacks like room freshener, mild detergent, and perfumes. Insects grow rapidly during the rainy season and these cause major health problems.

(10) Stay Dry

Keeping you clean, dry and fresh is the best way to avoid diseases and viral infections like cold, cough, flu, fever, etc. Whenever you go out, carry your umbrella and raincoats during the rainy season.

Take the right precautions and right nutrients this season so your health does not overshadow the joys of the weather. Try our Vitus Immune+ , a healthy nutritious drink with Natural Vitamin C Amla and Echinacea extract and go ahead & enjoy the rains fully! Happy monsoon!

10 Tips to Stay Healthy During Monsoon

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