Top 5 Foods to Boost Immunity

It is over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started and we have all been touched by the virus in some way. While there are several guidelines on how to behave when we are in public spaces, there are also things we can do at home to take care of ourselves. Exercising, eating healthy and taking a mental break from the constant news cycle are all good ways to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. Today, we wanted to share information about a few foods available in all our kitchens that can act as natural immunity boosters.


Amla or the Indian gooseberry is the second highest source of natural Vitamin C. For centuries Indians have eaten this fruit raw, cooked, pickled and juiced. In fact, according to classic Ayurvedic texts, Amla is regarded as the best among rejuvenative herbs and useful in relieving cough and cold. The high dose of Vitamin C helps support the immune system.

With a sharp bitter taste, it might not be an easy fruit to have daily but having it as a supplement in a tasty drink format, can help you get your daily dose of Vitamin C. We developed the formula for our Vitus Immune+ effervescent tablet keeping this in mind. One glass of Vitus Immune+ contains all the goodness of 500 gms of Amla. Trust us, you’re covered!

Top 5 Foods to Boost Immunity Amla


Ginger is one of the most common foods in the world. Used almost daily in Indian cooking, we truly underestimate this powerhouse ingredient. Ginger comes from the same plant family as cardamom and turmeric. Its spicy aroma contains gingerols which is considered beneficial for health.

There’s a lot of research on the medicinal properties of ginger. It has been used as a tonic for over 5000 years in Indian and Chinese cooking. Some health benefits of ginger include its ability to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain, and in relieving symptoms of nausea and vomiting. If it’s not part of your daily diet, some easy ways to include it are by adding it to tea, mixing in a sauce or curry or having a ginger-based health drink.

Top 5 Foods to Boost Immunity Ginger


Another commonly used ingredient with great immunity boosting properties is turmeric. Curcumin, an ingredient in turmeric has gained popularity globally for its helpful health benefits. Research shows that even when consumed in large quantities, turmeric or curcumin, does not have a negative impact on health.

Curcumin has a high anti-oxidant activity which means that it helps balance the free radicals (caused by stress, bad lifestyle, pollution, smoking, etc.) that can cause serious diseases. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory and has anti-microbial properties that help protect your body from infections.

Top 5 Foods to Boost Immunity Turmeric


Indian Ayurvedic medicinal texts have been discussing the benefits of yoghurt or dahi since 6000 BC. Yoghurt is rich not only in helpful bacteria but also in calcium, protein, phosphorus and Vitamin B.

Studies show that because of these beneficial ingredients, yogurt can help maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria in the stomach, reduce chances of osteoporosis and blood pressure, discourage vaginal infections and satisfy hunger pangs by making you feel fuller.

Top 5 Foods to Boost Immunity Yoghurt


A not so common ingredient in Indian kitchens is echinacea. This flowering herb is used widely in parts of Europe and North America for its ability to prevent and reduce symptoms of the common cold.

Evidence suggests that echinacea supports immune function and can reduce the severity and duration of respiratory tract infections (like the common cold) and has no side effects associated with it. While echinacea might not be readily available in its natural form in India, there are health and energy drinks available that have managed to source its natural extract.

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